General Information about San Jose City

City Officials

Government Officials from City Mayor to Barangay Captains of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

General Information

Historical Background, Municipal Executives, Political, Cultural and Sports Luminaries, Political Subdivisions, and The Office Seal of San Jose City

Geo-Physical Environment

Geographical Location/Political Boundaries, Accessibility, Topography: Elevation and Slope, Geology: Soil Systems, Land Resources, Mineral Deposit/Resources, Freshwater Resources, Climate/Atmospheric Temperature, Natural Hazards/Constraints


Social Composition and Characteristics, Population Size, Growth Rate and Distribution, Birth and Death Rate, Population Density per Barangay, Age-Sex Distribution, Ratio and Dependency Ratio, Present Status of Well-Being, and Labor Force

Local Economy

The Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors, and Transportation and Communication