Political Subdivisions

The city is subdivided to the urban and rural district political areas. The urban subdivision comprises the five barangays or districts in the Poblacion (R. Rueda Sr., F. E. Marcos, C. Ramos, R. Eugenio and C. Sanchez) and the five barangays adjacent to the city proper (Abar 1st, Calaocan, Malasin, Sto. Niño 1st and Sibut). Although the area covered by the urban subdivision only consists of 10 barangays, the urban area has a total population of 58,342 or 42.26% of the total population of the city, which is 138,063 based on the 2014 update of population from the City Population Office. 

The high percentage of urban population can be attributed to the enormous employment and job opportunities available in the city proper. It is in this area where institutional establishments and commercial centers and business enterprises such as the market, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, amusement centers, government and private banks, educational institutions, gasoline stations, rice mills and department stores are located.

On the other hand, the rural subdivision is generally populated by farmers and farm laborers spread out in the remaining 28 barangays of the city.