The city is generally accessible from all four directions. From North to South, San Jose City is a 4-hour-trip from Santiago City, located 140 km north of the city. Conversely, it is a 3 1/2 hourdrive from Manila or a good-one-hour-ride from Cabanatuan City. Since the city is located along the Maharlika Highway system, all modes of transportation going to Cagayan passes through the city.  Transportation services include the major bus companies of Baliwag Transit, Golden Bee Liner, Partas Bus Co., and other passing by buses like Victory Liner, Florida Bus, AutoBus, Nelbusco Liner, and other minor transport carriers.

Perpendicular to the above-mentioned highway system is provincial roads linking the city to the province of Pangasinan in the west and the province of Aurora and parts of Quezon in the east. These areas are generally accessible to mini-buses and passenger jeeps.