Population Density Per Barangay

The city’s population of 141,581 is distributed over 38 barangays, which is divided into the rural area consisting of 28 barangays and the urban area consisting of 10 barangays to name; barangays Abar 1st, Malasin, Calaocan, Sibut, Sto. Nino 1st, F.E. Marcos, C. Ramos, R. Rueda, R. Eugenio and C. Sanchez.

Table 8 shows that Crisanto Sanchez (250) and Rafael Rueda Sr. (321) which make up significant parts of the Poblacion, has the highest densities. On one hand, the sparsely populated
barangay is Villa Floresta with only 1 person per hectare, while barangays Dizol and villa Joson have 2.00 persons per hectare. Parang Mangga , San Mauricio and Sinipit Bubon have densities of three 3.00 persons per hectare. Vast portions of these barangays are open spaces, lands for diversified crops and fruit trees and grazing lands. Moreover, the population density of the city has an average of 8 persons per hectare.