Private Elementary and High Schools

DepEd San Jose City | July 12, 2018 12:00 AM

Bethany Christian Academy                                    Teresita N. Lazaro         Directress
Bettbien Montessori                                            Engr. Jesus N. Gonzales Administrator
Bettbien High School                                            Engr. Mario F. Carrasco Director
Charis Learning Center                                            Judith S. Ortiz                 Principal
Core Gateway College                                            Angelita D. Babasoro         Principal
Elim School for Values and Excellence                    Lorilyn Joy L. Cawili         Directress
Evangel Academy of Wisdom and Excellence    AprilRosse M. Torres         Directress
Evangelical Christian Academy                                  Rev. Nelson L. Vicente Principal
                For Values and Wisdom
Gracious Shepherd Christian Academy                    Engr. Antolin M. Baxa         Director
JABEZ Accelerated Christian Academy                    Ptr. George N. Natividad Administrator
Keanney-Diaz Educational Institute                    Jasmine Y. Laron                 Principal
Mount Carmel Montessori Center                            Mr. Benmar E. Miniano Administrator
San Jose Christian Colleges Inc.                            Narciso V. Salvador         Principal
School of the Sacred Heart of San Jose City            Bernadette G. Malenab Directress
St. John Academy of San Jose City                    Veronica S. Manugue         Directress
St. Joseph School of San Jose                            Sr. Myrna Pinera, SFIC Principal
Theophilus Academic and School of Values            Rev. Eduardo L. Gaspar Administrator
The United Methodist Church Learning Center    Mrs. Lilia Z. Colobong         Principa

DepEd Division of San Jose 
July 12, 2018