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Get your EASYTRIP RFID STICKER in San Jose City!!!

Published: November 26, 2020 12:00 AM

1. Get your Easytrip Subscription Form on December 1-3 (Tuesday-Thursday), 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the 3rd Floor City Hall Conference Room.
2. You will be informed of your Scheduled Time of Installation during the Pre–Registration.
3. Only the Easytrip Subscription Form from the City Hall will be acknowledged.

1. Arrive at your SCHEDULED TIME ONLY on December 5 (Saturday).
2. Bring the accomplished Easytrip Subscription Form.
For Class 2, 3 and Big Bike/Motor (400cc & above), kindly attach a photocopy of your OR/CR.
An authorization letter and a photocopy of the owner’s ID are required if sending a representative.
3. Line-up your vehicle at the City Hall Compound. No need to step out of your car.
4. Submit your form to the Easytrip personnel and pay ? 500.00 (Class 1) or ? 1,000.00 (Class 2 and 3).
5. Let the Easytrip personnel install the RFID sticker on your vehicle.
6. Once installed, you can now enjoy the contactless and cashless entries in NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, C5 Link and CALAX.

1. First come, first-served basis on Pre-Registration Dates.
2. Strictly NO WALK-INS on the Installation date. Arrive at your SCHEDULED TIME ONLY.
3. Limited Slots only:
Class 1 - 500 Registrants
Class 2 - 50 Registrants
Class 3 - 50 Registrants
4. To observe physical distancing, please stay inside your vehicle while on queue during the installation.
5. Please bring exact amount and your own pen as additional safety precaution.
6. Please wear a face mask during pre-registration and installation.
7. If you’re feeling any symptoms or not feeling well, please stay at home.
8. Please follow traffic rules and regulations.
9. In case of rain, Easytrip personnel will stop the installation and will resume if the weather permits.
10. No panic buying. Please give priority to those who frequently use the tollways.
11. For occasional users of tollways, don’t worry! RFID installation in the toll plazas and selected venues is still ongoing. You may get one on the day of your travel. Please check the Easytrip Facebook Page for more details.