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TikTok Dance Contest - December 9, 2022

Published: December 05, 2022 01:02 PM

This is a contest to showcase how graceful and talented our San Josenio’s in the field of dancing. It is also a way of promoting good health while enjoying the beat of music and to prove that they can jive with young generation.

1. The contest is open for all individuals ages 25 and above, a bonafide resident of San Jose City.
2. Each entry shall be composed of at least three (3) members, with their official group name.
3. Participants shall make a tiktok dance with a minimum of three (3) minutes and a maximum of five (5) minutes.
4. The tiktok dance must portray or promote the love of reading and the essence of the library.
5. Appropriate outfits and accessories are highly encouraged.
6. The contest will be held on December 9, 9 A.M at Pag-asa Sports Complex, Brgy. F.E Marcos, San Jose City.
7. To be an official contestant/group, kindly register to this link .
8. This contest is limited only for first 20 participants, who will register through online.
9. To avoid disqualification, we encourage everyone to present IDs or birth certificate to make sure your age is qualified.
10. Winners will be determined based on the combined percentage of the judge’s votes.
11. Announcement of winners will be on the date of the contest.

40%……….Performance (mastery of steps, timing, coordination, projection and expression)
30%……….Choreography & Originality (creativity, artistry and style)
15%……….Theme & Music (musicality, clarity of sounds, connection to the theme)
10%……….Costume (outfits and used accessories)
5%…………Audience Impact

First Place : P 7,000.00
Second Place : P 5,000.00
Third Place : P 3,000.00
17 Consolation Prizes of : P 700.00