-Performance Management Team is established and fully functional, with HR as partner of Management in driving the performance management process
-Target setting is through individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are inter-related and supportive of division/unit goals.
-Core competencies for all employees are considered
-Regular and scheduled coaching sessions, including mid-year review and year-end evaluation are documented.
-Self-rating by employee is done on year-end performance review with competencies and development needs identified.
-Performance Improvement Plan based on competencies is set up as needed
- Performance discussion is done on delivery of individual and team goals of competencies, and how these support organizational goals.
-Presence of Individual Development Plan and Career Pathing Plan of employees.
-Calibration of the application of performance standards to the value of performance ratings is done consistently within the functional group or section
-Existence of an information system supports monitoring and evaluation of data generated from Electronic Performance Management System capturing employees inpu and documentation of accomplishments.


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